I woke up on cue

On World Beard Day, I appropriately saw the very follically blessed Epic Beard Men tonight (Sage Francis and B Dolan) on the last night of their world tour, and they were, well epic. The audience was quite beardy & bearish too, but also a mix of ages.

Several highlights – 2Bad, You Can’t Win, Sage doing Slow Down Gandhi and B Dolan doing SAFETY and Whose Side Are You On…and some psychic freestyle, and bubbles. Lots of bubbles via an audience member during Two Different Worlds – cos it was the last night, he got to keep them too! I got a handshake from B cos of my Beard and Roses tshirt…must get an EBM one.

Another highlight was DIYMFS and I didn’t know they’d done a video for it…Always loved the Tribe Called Quest shouts in this – also they shout out a “A Tribe Called Side Quest” in Five Hearts. I think this will be on the podcast next – DIYMFS is a mantra of mine 😉 As they said at the gig, download the EP for free, send them some money, share, promote, because the are as the song goes DIY, completely independent and dependent on their fans to get the word out there. None of this faux indie bollocks, Sage’s Strange Famous is the real deal.

Also they covered NWA – Fuck The Police cover going into of course Dolan’s Film the Police, and Ante Up at the end. DAMAGE! WOAH! went the crowd. Shame they didn’t do Not Ur Uber, my favourite…another time I guess. Loved the dancing, they even had choreography…of sorts 😉

And big news – apparently there’s new music dropping in March – a new album? You heard it here first!

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