What happened to hip hop?


Darryl DMC is correct about hip-hop, it’s bigger than ever but dumber than ever, and the responsibility isn’t there…at all. It’s about money and greed and not your voice. And it does feel like the end of something, that it’s going to crash…or that new voices will come up. So little is being said in mainstream hip-hop other than fucking ‘Kiki’ or ‘take these drugs’ or ‘party and ignore what’s going on’ or fake gangsta posing.

Have to check him on the Disco thing though – I agree, Disco came too big, too Hollywood, too corporate in the States – but it didn’t stop worldwide. Europe still made and listened to disco, might’ve called it ‘jazz funk’ or someshit and slowed it down a little but it was disco all the same. Also disco was big in Africa for a long while, and I’m guessing it didn’t stop in Asia either.Also large part of it being trashed was racism and homophobia, not just the money/’Cher’s Disco Album’ cash-ins.

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