RC 287: Tarquin Likes Reggae

Tarquin likes reggae, Mary Berry likes reggae and she especially likes a Punky Reggae Electronica Soundtrack Jungle Goth Metal Acid Psych Cat Dog & Harmonica Party! With Added new! Improved! Washes whiter! Natural! Mogwai, hence the picture(s) from Robert Smith’s Meltdown. Also John Foxx, John Foxx, in a cardboard box, what is this I cry?

Podcast also brought to you from ‘Upgrading to High Sierra Screw You Up’ and recording parts up to 8 (yes 8, count ’em kids) times and it getting less professional each time, contrary to popular opinion. Ugh, technology, who’d have it (see also: kids, parents, pets and neither).

It works really well as a mix and all the best stuff which has been cut from other podcasts has finally made it here 😛

Reggae Bagpipes, big in 2019, you heard it here first (202Mb, 2:21)

  • Ultravox – Young Savage
  • Idles – Colossus
  • Civic – New Vietnam
  • Therapy? – Callow
  • Silverstein – Runaway (Kanye West cover)
  • All About Eve – Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
  • Ghost – Life Eternal
  • Aquizm & Mad Professor – Kunte Kinte
  • The Nextmen – Spooky Feat. Hollie Cook
  • Sheila Hylton – The Bed’s Too Big Without You [Extended Mix]
  • Dead Man’s Chest – Trip II Eclipse
  • Revelation Rockers – Culture
  • Soothsayers – Sleepwalking (Black Man s Cry)
  • The Magnificent Seven – Reggae Bagpipes
  • Roast Beatz – 1988 feat. Koaste (The Allergies Remix)
  • Pet Shop Boys – It Couldn’t Happen Here
  • oki – chill bieber (art of noise vs. justin bieber)
  • Ludgate Squatter – I Am
  • Daniel Avery – Clear
  • Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected
  • Mogwai – We’re Not Done (End Title)
  • Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier – Jericho Jerk
  • Cave Ghosts – Come Into My World
  • Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing
  • John Foxx – Never Let Me Go
  • All About Eve – Martha’s Harbour
  • Beck – Little One
  • Ted Dicks – Virgin Witch 1
  • Frank Luther – Happy the Harmonica
  • Percolator – I Could Be Happy

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