Conservative Apocalypse

I was wondering what Funki ‘It’s A Long Road‘ Porcini was up to after a friend posted a reference to the track that basically with The Orb rewired my post Brit Pop 90’s back to electronica, psych, lounge music, ambient, library music and yes even a bit of jazz.

And in doing so I found this video from 2016 in a similar vein to that recent ‘watch the birdie in the background’ Childish Gambino video, Conservative Apocalypse.

Lots of work has gone into this, love the attention to detail…like a more political Cyriak, you’ll pause a lot.

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  1. Djhdd
    May 9

    James has just recently this week released a new album on his Bandcamp page. He’s still in transit & is travelling around a fair bit, hence the travelogue type videos.

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