This is America

With little-handed yellow hanky Donny coming over to the UK in July 13th (a Friday no less! See you there) it’s worth watching a timely PSA from another Donald – Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Initially it took me a few watches to get this – the first time was just shock – WTF IS THAT? It’s not for the squeamish or small children, although sadly they’ve probably seen far more than this on the news or in films – but the details are in the background, which is partly the point.

The song is mostly dumb, although I think that’s intentional, it’s a biting parody of selfie-culture, popular dances and bling distracting from what’s really going on, the mass shootings, the executions and strife in the US. And the fact that people currently get off scot-free or lesser than others because of the NRA, because of the colour of their skin, because, because, because. I suspect the ending – which is pure cinema – is because he dared to stop and toke a joint. Yes, we live in a weird world where you can show people being shot, killed, mass destruction, even to kids, but dare show natural things like nudity or sex which are literally creative, or drugs and it’s X-rated all the way. Crazy.

Ironically my posting and watching of this was interrupted by a drunken intruder into our garden, pissing next to the windows to our flat, which was very scary. It was a zombie level coda to this video, now always linked. This Is Britain as well? We are dancing into a nightmare too.

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