Bootie Goes Goth

I think it’s about time for a mashup revival – not what mashups have become now, the multi-mash medley and EDM vs EDM vs EDM ‘bangers’ which do want to make me bang – my head against a very sharp rock because it’s actually more fun than listening to them! No, what mashups USED to be.

Case in point, if you want a refresher in the past wondrousness of mashups, try the new Bootie Goes Goth compilation which spans countries and eras to bring a whole batload of dark gothy mashups back like a zombie at a revivalist past-life convention during the Rapture…

Gordyboy? Check, I’m sure we’d all like a higher quality more polished version for these modern times, but his Bjork vs Cure mashup still sounds as fresh as ever even though it’s circa what, 2003? Didn’t know he made a video for this. Or if I once did, I forgot (I’m getting old, memory is not what it once was) Where is he now?

10000 Spoons? Depeche meets Leona, check – and where IS Leona Lewis now?

DJ Tripp spinning NIN’s Closer (a classic and oft-mashed choice back in the day) with Ace of Base and despite the comedy value which quickly pales for most of those – CHECK YEAH! It really works and I remember digging this back then.

NIN comes back for Happy Cat Disco which if you looked up “Classic Bootie-floor-filling mashup”: HELLO I’M RICK JAMES B****! HELLO DURAN DURAN! this would sound exactly like this – and that’s not a criticism.

LeeDM101 – where is he now? – did that moody slow mashup to such perfection I’m sure Colatron used to listen to his mashups at night, crying (love you Andy! :-P)…to the point he almost beats the best ever Kate Bush mashup EVER. (DJ Magnet, yr welcome). I suspect this is a response/flip of that.

And I randomly came across that Lobsterdust – Soft Cell vs Depeche Mode bootleg recently, and still think it’s genius. (EDIT: glad the video uses the frankly *some* bizarre torturing a small child Soft Cell video. Not literally, but watch it, it seems like Marc is bullying the poor thing…early SC videos were quite transgressive and strange).

PomDeter’s Call Me A Hole is always welcome, something that now has a life of it’s own, that even surprises it’s creator I think. NIN vs Leona L…sorry Carly Rae Jepsen. Whatever happened to her, etc?

L&P mashing up Funkytown with Rob Zombie is just RIDICULOUS, with added dutch house (cf Afrojack but Swanky Tunes here? Apparently Russian but the same thing) silliness. Didn’t really get much of the electro-with-masks era of L&P really, but this is a nice by-product of that. Doesn’t really need the dutch house, I’d say…but the rest is ace.

And on and on…it’s a breath of fresh air to hear the old and new sit together and it not be a complete car crash, which I suspect it a lot to do with the choices of DJ Adrian, but I can also hear it’s a personal thing as well. The (dark?) love shows. You can download it here.

And if you want to hear more of many of the early mashups and artists featured here, our very own Bootleg Archive isn’t a bad place to start.

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