Mash Malone

I was surprised there haven’t been more Post Malone mashups or albums, especially as he seems very much the man of the moment with a new album about to drop – and then a whole album comes along from the other man of the moment American mashup artist Grave Danger and NZ posse Felix Five and MsMiep.

Particularly like MsMiep’s hiphop take on REM in ‘To The One Too Young’, Felix’s ‘Hymn for the Patient’ and Grave Danger’s ‘Thunder Made Me Do It’, ‘Icarus is Cold’ and ‘Patient Attack’ which the latter brings the hardcore and metal back to Post. Indeed he started in metal bands and as a singer-songwriter not a rapper, and so his roots are as much indie, metal, grunge and emo as much as say, Wiz Khalifa.

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