Chris Carter on NTS

Chris Carter has his first album in 17 years out on March 30th, Chemistry Lessons Vol 1, which I’m really looking forward to from the bits I’ve heard, and he appeared on a couple of NTS shows to share two mixes of his favourite music.

First up is the “>The Synth Hero Show – I was wandering around the excellent and free Craxton/Ghika/Leigh Fermor exhibition last night at the British Museum, and the dark Radiophonics such as White Noise inc Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, John Baker, and later work like Vangelis weirdly worked perfectly with the visuals (and the subtexts, strangely coy about Craxton et al and their ‘passions’ for the Greek ;-)) Love Craxton’s work since I saw it in the Queer British Art exhibition at the Tate, and his almost digital abstract paintings of Greece are worth going to see.

Anyway back to the music (rambling again, but hey I listen to a lot of music while wandering around art galleries, it brings out new juxtapositions and anyway Throbbing Gristle had an ICA/art past…) – it’s from London although NTS is based in the States. There’s a whole site full of names you’ve heard appearing on the show, and they seem to post most if not all their shows to Mixcloud which is also great to see. Only slight caveat is the host keeps pressing the ECHO button when talking, which worked for Jarvis on 6Music (LIVE!!!), but gets annoying more than once…but the music is ace.

And the ‘last week’ mentioned by the host is that Chris did a mix for Bleep, which I’ve only listened to a little of so far, but they also seem to have interesting live and guest mixes from various names you might recognise from the electronic music world. Going to rip a load of these because I’m old-fashioned and still have an iPod and don’t really listen to much streaming media…but I’m probably in the minority nowadays! If they do podcasts I’ve not found them yet…

Image by Chris Carter (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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