EBM – Season One

I wasn’t going to post this lest this blog seems like the Epic Beard Men channel, but fuck it – now I’ve listened it’s so good I think it deserves another push. Season One as mentioned on the latest podcast as an album, it turns out it’s actually an album-length EP with bonus tracks.

Whatever, it’s great and contains a few tracks you might not have heard from the past but need to hear. B. Dolan and Sage Francis on form. I especially like Shotgun Golf with it’s ‘don’t shoot up your local country club, *honest* *wink*’ intro, and Fresh to Death and Not Ur Uber which is the best diss at people pushing demos on you since De La Soul’s Ring Ring. Also great to hear You Can’t Win, War on Christmas and 2Bad again, previously available on mixtapes and the several of those featured on this blog and podcast.

And best of all – you can download it for free, but also pre-order vinyl, cassette, or CD. Or go see them on tour – they are both amazing live, saw them perform their respective solo shows a few years ago so I expect the combined superhero talents as EBM is LARGE (or whatever cool kid slang it is now). I certainly will see them when they come back near my neck of the woods, they are doing a 38 date tour of the States from tomorrow


  1. Five Hearts
  2. Shotgun Golf
  3. Two Different Worlds
  4. Not Ur Uber
  6. Fresh to Death (feat. Dope KNife)
  7. Space Ghettos
  8. Dumb Ass Kids
  9. War On Christmas
  10. House of Bees
  11. 2Bad
  12. You Can’t Win

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