Lorraine Bowen with Barbara Moore

Given the hundredth anniversary of (some) women getting the right to vote in the UK, it seems appropriate to post this show I was listening to from the ‘Crumble Lady’ Lorraine Bowen, talking to composer Barbara Moore.

Loving this podcast, Lorraine has the same love of stereo test records and Radiophonics as myself, and it was original broadcast on Brighton’s Reverb Radio, and this episode is fascinating at how much of a male club composing and arranging was in the 1960’s, especially for someone who was also a Ladybird. You’ll probably know her best for her arrangement of ‘At the Sign of The Swinging Cymbal’ as used by Fluff Freeman on his Pick of the Pops radio programme.

If you want to hear more, check it out on iTunes or Podomatic.

P.S. I was surprised as a Duckie regular that I’d missed Lorraine Bowen, but I realise I had seen her as The Chalkwell Ladies Drum ‘n’ Bass League who are really funny.

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