RC 274: Winter Kills

Which podcast do you know mixes Purcell opera, post-rock, pop, indie, electro-pop, dub covers of disco, strange Xtian? blues-folk, soul, electronica, hip-hop, indie, minimal house and more?

Radio Clash , that’s what!

A very eclectic mix, starting out very upbeat and then going glacially downtempo and reflective at the end, so even the moods contrast. This is basically the second half of the monster podcast that was 273 & 274 but I think this has benefitted more from having it’s own podcast.

And yes, we are still playing the old mashups, and even me singing and speaking on the crumplebang classic, Breadfish, as part of the massive and many tentacled Crumplbanger Orchestra. The only thing we don’t have in this episode is a kitchen sink…but it still is mostly covers a mix of music I discovered in 2017 or recently, new or old.

I’ll tear at you searching for weaker seams (152Mb, 1:41)

  • Lionel Vinyl – Keine Beats Danke (Chemical Brothers vs. Jeans Team & Adina Howard)
  • Riton – Fake I.D. (feat. Kah-lo)
  • Peter Griffin – Devil’s Reception
  • Shinichi Atobe – Regret
  • Tove Lo – Disco Tits (Dirty) (Kutt Edit)
  • Kate Tempest & Loyle Carner – Guts
  • Shabazz Palaces feat. Thaddillac – Shine a Light
  • Willie & Brentford Disco Set – No One Can Stop Us Pt.2
  • Crumplbanger Orchestra – Breadfish
  • Superorganism – It’s All good
  • John Ylvisaker – A Gay Cliché
  • Bob & Gene – It’s Not What You Know (It’s Who You Know)
  • George Fenton & Ken Freeman – Electronic Kites
  • Mogwai – Coolverine
  • Bonnie Dobson – Winter’s Going
  • Yazoo – Winter Kills (Electronic Periodic’s Sub/Piano Mix)
  • Bott, Thomas, Schopper, Koopman & Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra – The Fairy Queen, Z.629; Act IV; Prelude; Aria, ‘Next, Winter Comes Slowly’
  • Lorde – Liability
  • Post Malone – I Fall Apart
  • Belly – Untogether
  • Giovanna Pessi & Susanna Wallumrød – The Plaint, from ‘The Fairy Queen of 1692’ (Henry Purcell)
  • Gaelynn Lea – Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun

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