RIP Fats Domino

A class act from New Orleans, he was the soul of rock n’ roll. *salutes to the Captain* We owe him, along with Chuck Berry, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Bo Diddly, everything. One of the Four Horsepersons of Rock n Roll 😉 And he stuck by it, he didn’t try and update the sound – interesting none of those people did. Why, when it’s so perfect?

And also a large guy who cared not a jot for that, and made his brand successfully, it was about the music and originality, not looking thin and perfect 😉

A lot of plays of ‘Aint that a shame’ and ‘Blueberry Hill’ and a couple of Blue Monday (yes he originated that phrase I think) but it has to be this:

And a few more choice cuts:

And his first hit, The Fat Man in 1949/50:

Also not forgetting, also dead at 89 today was Robert Guillaume, of Benson and SOAP fame…I spent a lot of my childhood watching SOAP and Benson, and although he’s not Nawlins, he’s from St Louis, Miss – seems a bad day for black American legends.

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