We Have Wandered Too Far…

Heard this on 6Music and was surprised to hear the dulcet tones of Alan Moore gracing ‘The Ghost of Watling St’ by Oddfellow’s Casino. Really nice and trippy, apparently written by request of John Higgs who has written a book about walking the whole of Watling Street. He’s more famous for a book about The KLF, which given the KLF/JAMMS event in Liverpool on the 23rd of August it’s all a bit well-timed from an Illuminati standpoint, I guess?

I would buy this but it’s CD-only even on Bandcamp which is…err, quaint? And I don’t have the cash to splurge on a whole CD, even if the cover refers to Penda’s Fen one of my favourite films, and Sealand, which keys into my fascination with sea forts…(and also my favourite OMD album, fact fans).

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