Shellshock 2017

If you’re a New Order fan, the mention of New Order playing Shellshock in 2017 (last played live 30 years ago apparently) should send you into Maximum Squeedom…Also they play Sub-culture one of my faves but like Shellshock not I think played for a very long time either.

Amazing looking set from artist Liam Gillick and New Order at Manchester International Festival…I wish I was closer and could make this, the gig on Sat or the True Faith exhibition…

They play Shellshock / Guilt Is A Useless Emotion / Subculture / Bizarre Love Triangle / Vanishing Point / Plastic.

Can someone gag the guy repeatedly shouting for Vanishing Point though? Unless that’s the gag… (via Jeb 50 Pound Note)

Relatio Clash

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