Don’t Get Captured

Loving Chris Hopewell’s work (Burn The Witch) and the new video for Run The Jewel’s storming ‘Don’t Get Captured’ brings the politics of gentrification, an uncaring justice system and the military industrial complex to claymation (not a sentence I thought I’d write).

This song was a highlight of their Glastonbury set, which pointedly kicked the arse to the moon of those haters who thought hip hop couldn’t rock a major stage (as did Stormzy, BBK and Kano). And the video is very timely, love the artisanal whiskey and gluten-free craft ales and hipster coffee shop digs…ironically some commenting on YouTube don’t even get that shiny does not equal better for communities, but dumb is as dumb does I guess, and I’d guess they are middle class, cos those classes are blind to that shit. They want their Perfect Coffee and let everyone else eat cake.

Alright, alright, I get the gist
Who’s city is this? It doesn’t want me no more
I’ve had a glimpse into the future, it stinks
London’s a walled fort, it’s all for the rich
If you fall short, you fall, and you know where the door is
Board up the broken, do it up, sell it back
Make it bespoke, it’s all out in the open
It’s fine, man, hike the price right up
And smile with your friends in the posh new nightclubs
My streets have been dug up, repaved
New routes for commuters, the landscape has changed
I’m lookin’ for the old tags, the graffs that once meant safe territory
But it seems every hieroglyph gets whitewashed eventually

And so I’m moving on
I’ve got it all to play for
I’ll be the invader in some other neighbourhood
I’ll be sipping perfect coffee
Thinkin’, “This is pretty good,”
While the locals grit their teeth and hum
“Another fucking one has come.”

Relatio Clash

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