Gaelynn Lea

Many people came across Gaelynn Lea via her NPR Tiny Desk submission and concert (below) but I stumbled across her looking up Alan Sparhawk side projects and then found A Murder of Crows. They’ve never released ‘A Moment of Bliss’ I think, one extended EP/album called Imperfecta after the condition that Gaelynn has. Her own songs have an amazing quality – one part droney loop violin, another part celtic fiddle, and another a sort of wonderful hopefulness of the likes of Daniel Johnston (but also poignant sadness lurking too that reminds you to enjoy it while you can, I’m reminded of Vic Chesnutt but it’s not that dark). But more musically adept than those with some great violin work, and a unique voice that stops you in your tracks – in this way folk is like hip-hop, anyone can speak their truth. And she emotes that truth in spades.

What makes you think that you’ll ever get there?
What makes you think you deserve to know?
Who are you really, are you so important?
Take a look around and watch the world unfold
Watch the world unfold, watch the world unfold

Pushing up, pushing up
Through the dirt just like a seed
But you’re never quite a flower
You feel more just like a weed

I love Watch The World Unfold and Someday We’ll Linger In The Sun especially – check out her Bandcamp, I’ve bought a few tunes off it.

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