Original Space – KLF/Orb

I didn’t know this had leaked, the original demo of Space with the contributions of Alex Patterson still intact.

The story goes* Jimmy Cauty and LX were the original Orb (hence ‘Loving You…’ having a credit to Jimmy) but Alex wanted to sign with Big Life as he didn’t want The Orb to seen as side-project to The KLF, whereas Jimmy wanted to release The Orb records solely on KLF Productions. So they split, and Jimmy Cauty released Space as The KLF with all of the Alex P bits removed.

You can hear parts of this quite different, and very Orb, compared to the final release.

* whether it’s true or not is another thing, truth is very flexible when it comes to both The Orb and The KLF! Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, which quoteis amusingly is probably falsely attributed to Mark Twain (and I think Bill has used that quote in the past).

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