Doing The Best You Can

During my research for my Disco PHD (only partly joking, I do take it that seriously, maybe one day turn it into something more material than mixes) I discovered this anthem to gay tolerance by Theo Vaness, “As Long As It’s Love”. Proper hands-in-the-air anthem.

I was listening to this when the news that the US has attacked bases in Syria came through…hopefully not leading to WW3, but the message of respect and love and ‘doing the best you can’ means even more at this moment. It’s been a hard week, full of discord and attacks from fascists (expected) and my LGBTQ community (less so, I don’t think some are ready for Trump and what is to come at all)…

We need unity and love even more at the moment, but some want to divide and conquer, well more divide and we all lose, actually. So stuff like this is my escape. And bless him, Theo can’t dance so that break makes me laugh!

P.S. Also love how one of the dancers seems to have become a cut-out or is in the middle of being beamed up on the image above…black hole of love?

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