Month: January 2017

January 29 /

Previously performed to one person as I tested the Mixlr feed and tried all the tracks I was planning to play for Crumplstock 6 (hence a rather large preponderance of Dr Packer, Chewy Rubs, KC And The Sunshine Band and…

January 26 /

Love this – BLR does it again, this time with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Wish he’d do THAT #FreeMelania moment though, although maybe that’s too scary/real to be funny? Anyway she doesn’t need to be ‘freed’.

January 25 /

After listening to Mike Oldfield on 6Music, I heard this journey through synthesisers through the ages…a lot of ‘OMG one of those?!’ moments in this cover by the Brooklyn Synth Orchestra. (via Matt Catt)

January 23 /

No, not a new Cosmic Disco Sci-Fi Horror Film – although I’d love to see that – it’s my mix for Crumplstock. A mix from another planet – well if that planet hadn’t evolved from the 1970’s and 80’s –…