Radio Clash The T-Shirt Is Here!

Going going gone…these will be gone in a week (10th August 2017) so get your orders in now!

Something that’s been in the works for a while in collaboration with PomDeter and Crumplclobber is the Radio Clash t-shirt now available in a limited edition of 30. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Money is bit tight at the Radio Clash Bunker and as we have never run adverts nor promotional copy, buying one of these sexy stylish shirts will help keep Radio Clash running with all the free stuff you know and love – such as the blog, mashups, mixes and 10 years of podcast archive. So please support us!


I personally like the black one best, but both are really cool (if I say so myself as the designer), and a really good price for £15 + p&p – remember this is a proper screenprint, so it won’t fall apart in the wash or tumbledryer like transfers can, and should last longer than vinyl or transfer tshirts.

Thanks go to PomDeter of CrumplClobber for manufacturing these – the Crumplebang and Mashup T-Shirt Company of Choice – check out their other shirts, they’re really cool.

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