Digging for windows and battle sirens

Didn’t know El-P was working with Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha, not surprising after the excellent Run The Jewels guest appearance. Really like ‘Digging for Windows’, compared to other solo efforts, this really fits Zack’s flow. And of course El-P can do no wrong.

And even better, it’s a free download. Free. I like that price point at the moment, as I’m broke.

And while we wait for Pendulum to get back together in the studio (srsly, please…but drop the emo singing next time) Knife Party stumbles on. I should hate this collab, but quite like it, probably cos of the Tom Morello bits. Has anyone done the obvious Rage mashup yet? No? “I won’t do do do be dooo what you tell me me me meeEEeeeEEEEEee”


Relatio Clash

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