It’s not even funny…RIP Richard Lyons

Negativland’s Richard Lyons died a few days ago, but just announced on the Negativland page. I was listening to Christianity is Stupid and indeed the whole of Escape from Noise yesterday as well – maybe the universe telling me something?

Richard Lyons might not be as well known as the other members of Negativland, but like Ian Allen (RIP sadly as well) he made major contributions – finding the Christianity is Stupid vocal, (and, in turn the idea of Negativland’s ax murder hoax that became Helter Stupid), and was known on Over The Edge and various releases as Dick Vaughn, Pastor Dick, Dick Goodbody and many more. Mentioned on the page was ‘Dick’s Moribund Music of the 70’s’ which was complete genius – a hoax in changing the format of their radio slot to play just AOR/cheesy 70’s music and pointless segments, the callers expecting the usual experimental fare got more and more irate or confused. It’s classic radio.

Death, stop stalking my music collection! This is getting stupid (Helter Stupid?).

Also today (22nd) I can’t stop singing the Nesbitt’s Lime Soda song, it’s him on vocals. (NSFW at the end)

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