GoldLink & Louie Lastic

Following on from Kaytranada, I was on the trail of rap that was cloudy, chilled and intelligent and stumbled across GoldLink and the productions of Louie Lastic (in fact GoldLink and Kaytra have worked and toured together). This track, Spectrum sampling Missy (she seems to have become a 90’s touchstone to this scene, along with TLC – I’m not complaining!), odd spoken word samples, start/stop production and some clever rapping – this isn’t so much askew as completely diagonal. So of course I love it.

As others have pointed out, he raps ‘I’m only 20 years old, sounding like I’m 45’. It’s true, he sounds like an old soul.

Also he’s been working with Rick Rubin on the And After That, We Didn’t Talk album, which is No Bad Thing either.

A quick look at GoldLink’s soundcloud reveals many more delights, like this collab with Moxie Raia, and the whole album is a free download:

And then another curveball – ‘Kelela – Rewind feat. GoldLink (Louie Lastic Remix)’ – this is pure 90’s UK speed garage?! Americans finally getting speed garage? That’s ace! Skippedy skippedy skip!

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