DJ Charles IV’s Rainy Night Selection

This is partly an excuse to post 8 tracks I’m digging at the moment, but seriously my iPod – Charles IV – has selected podcasts and mixes before now, and somehow has an uncanny knack sometimes to group tunes together on shuffle. I don’t have time at the moment to capture them into a mix, so this is it.

Here’s the selection it played going home in the rain from a nice meal from 22:49-23:19, with the tune before from 18:57, it makes a great selection. First up is Gwenno, with Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki, really loving the Y Dydd Olaf album, dreamy Welsh psyche electro pop. I was sceptical given the plaudits, but it’s as good as they say.

Charles must’ve been in a Welsh mood, because earlier it played Super Furry Animals – Dacw Hi, from Mnwg. Sadly this isn’t available online unless you can see this video or this, since Sony Media Entertainment has blocked it in the UK (I thought SFA had the rights to that record, not Mr Cowell et al?)

Then a bit of B.Dolan – Alright, from the excellent Kill The Wolf album:
‘I’m not saying that I feel good but I feel alright…’

And then JK & Co. via Ian Fondue, a lovely summery album, this is one of the darker tracks “Dead”. Sadly Jay Kaye himself died about a year ago, but “Suddenly One Summer” deserves to be more famous, it’s a genuinely lost psychedelic classic – I know that phrase gets plastered over any bit of tat, but this is the real deal. I personally would’ve chosen ‘Fly’ or ‘Nobody’ or ‘O.D.’, but still a good choice. Whole album is good, in fact.

Then some psychedelic kalimba (well sanza) from Francis Bebey, people know him for his electronica but he’s much much more, as in the trippy Sanza Tristesse, with polyrhythms a-go-go.

Then we have Running to the Sea with Susanne Sundfør from Röyksopp – a track I’ve not listened to much but stopped me in my tracks tonight, not really listened to the lyrics. Inevitable End hasn’t left my iPod in the last 2 years…it’s that good. P.S. Allegedly the song is about the shootings at Utøya?

Been listening to a LOT of William Onyeabor, and Jungle Gods came around…sadly that seems to be not on YouTube, so this track “Good Name” will have to do instead.

Ed Harcourt, he may know the score, but he’s not very fashionable. But I love several of his tracks, especially ‘Hey Little Bruiser’ which has come around a few times. It has this nice serial music/Melnyk thing going on and the lyrics deep hard.

“Hey little bruiser
You made it to the 12th round
You can stand as my accuser
If I let the good ship run aground
But I gotta say that the apple don’t fall too far from the tree
You got the good bits from your mama
And the bad parts from me.

Let no man be your keeper
They have secrets in their eyes
Where would we be without the dreamers
Who pay no heed to good advice.”

And then we have Coup De Grace again by Röyksopp – an Eno / Glass style number hanging in space, and a good ending track.

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  1. March 17

    its really beautiful and heart touchy music i love to listen you. the above stuff is amazing.

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