RIP Vanity and Maurice

Dead at 57? So sad. She was the original Nasty Girl. RIP Denise Matthews. Also a sad warning sign to all about drugs and the music industry.

Surprised to find this online, I thought The Purple One had scrubbed all Vanity 6 from the Interwebs, he had done so when I did a mashup with this track and was thinking of a video…

It’s not been a good month for funk and soul – Maurice White, lead singer (and bandleader, producer) of Earth, Wind & Fire fame lost his battle against Parkinsons earlier in the month. Do you remember…

EDIT: was going to post just one EWF video, but how can I miss The Best Video Of All Time?

The one for Let’s Groove? They OWNED that trail effect, The Girl Imprisoned In Rainbow/Equaliser VFX (Scanimate in fact), creepy floating heads, they probably invented what me and Kirk call the Dannii/Kylie room, SPACE! tight choreography and possibly the best synth bassline and vocoder groove ever?

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