MrBootOX – Dirt of Your Shoulder

Going through my old mashups – yes they’re back! (long story why, mostly because I found people reposting and requesting my Her Breath Is The Wind mashup and freaked that someone did choreography to it!) and this means I’m in a sort of a mashup mood – so this new mashup of an old classic just fit right in.

It’s Jay-Z’s Dirt Off My Shoulder vs PLPS – How I Feel (20syl remix) How I Feel (20syl Remix) by MrBootOX, I like the feel, it’s EDM but more in the vein of Lone or Rustie or a French electronic take on trap, rather than the ubiquitous generic brostep or Guetta electro.

I really hope the last two die in 2016! So bored with what’s been in the charts over the last few years…

Relatio Clash

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