Greg Wilson’s Monster 40th mix

There are a few DJ’s I’ve seen and I’ve had a ‘WE’RE NOT WORTHY!’ moment with – Rodigan is one, Mark Moore is another and Greg Wilson definitely belongs to that group. He makes it look and sound so effortlessly easy. He’s been DJing professionally for 40 years, and so did a 5 hour mix at The Garage in Liverpool recently, and he’s just posted it online. It’s a great way to start what’s just been called ‘Booze Black Friday’ – the biggest alcoholiday of the year!

Only over an hour in, but we’ve had edits of Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You, a mix of Buffalo Stance I’ve not heard in years (I think it’s the Suckah mix?), Seal, a great mashup of Visage vs Being Boiled, Nature Boy by Stevie Wonder, some Missy/Tweet, Stretch’s Why Did You Do It (rumoured to be about Mick Fleetwood fact fans!)…oh WOW what is that amazing I Believe In Miracles breakbeat remix? WANT.

He does detail his start in DJing over at his website but currently which is a great read but my antivirus is giving off alerts on the site for Javascript trojans, so maybe wait a bit…

He also did a 40th mix for Data Transmission, not listened yet but I’m sure it’s equally ace:

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