Kanye of the Stone Age

What? Now a mashup album? 😉 Carry this on, Radio Clash might go back to being a mashup blog!

I’m 4 tunes in to ToTom‘s Kanye of the Stone Age (Kanye vs Queens of the Stone Age) and 2 are already keepers – if you know anything about me, I’m like the Swipe Left of Mashups, very hard to please. Recommended, especially
Black Skinhead Does It Again and Better It Giveth (as well as No One Knows King Crimson’s Power – Time Travel Ed).

And also nice to see a classic mashup album released in 2015, I was worried that was a dying art – but I think conceptually it’s still a good idea, and lots of mileage still. There are free downloads btw, it’s been so popular that the free downloads have maxed out, but look in the description and ye shall find 😉

And the artwork by Anais Goldemberg and Steve McCarthy is really good…/jealous. Makes me think, someone should produce a mashup graphic novel (DING! Jez?)

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