DJ Format and Abdominal

Saw the last show of the DJ Format & Abdominal tour at a packed Camden Jazz Cafe last night, thanks to Ian Fondue. And they rocked the place! Shame I couldn’t stay for all of Format’s set (he played for an hour before, spinning and mixing 45’s bitches! Then an hour with Abdominal, then an hour after…) but I was tired but happy.

Here’s a track from their new EP available for pay what you want over at Bandcamp, ‘We Say’, I love the bit that goes:

“You say old, we say refined,
You say stale, we say better with time,
You say over the hill, we say past the hump…
You say senior, we say mature,
You say expired, we say endured…”

Also I have the first Format album (somewhere…!) but was checking out the later videos, I love the one for 3 Feet Deep with Abdominal & D-Sisive, I’m guessing years before ‘DJ Hero’ – and no-one’s done a Rap Hero I think? Missed a trick there:

Also I had the breakdancing bear as my avatar on GYBO for years, never knew this was from a DJ Format video:

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