The Mindscape of Alan Moore

I’ve seen clips from this but never watched the full documentary about Alan Moore – partly about his life and comics, but mostly about his magickal and spiritual thinking and thoughts of the future. Appropriate to be watching it on November 5th as fireworks explode outside, gunpowder treason and plot!

While I’m not sure in 2015 our culture has become ‘steam’ there is a lot of sense here, and usually things like this can be full of woo but not at all, although morphic resonance might be seen as a pseudo-science, there haven’t been any good rival explanations (that I know of) about how say, blue tits learned how to break into milk bottles across the whole country and Europe, when they don’t fly more than 15 miles? Or more personal examples – the creepiest is the sensing you’re being looked at, looking up and finding you are being looked at…also there are quite a few examples I know of in a memetic sense of everybody suddenly talking about something with no prompt…and then news drops about that thing. Weird synchronicity, ebbs and flows of conversation. I see it all the time…you’re telling me it’s not there?

Epigenetics and other sciences are now finding out all sort of interesting things that were previously pooh-poohed by the community, but they still don’t understand how consciousness, knowledge or learning works, how we actually perceive the world beyond a few electrical impulses. Which seems a bit strange to criticise others for not being ‘scientific’ where it’s actually a Great Big Unknown to science? It is a big flaw with science since everything you are observing is going through that filter of your thoughts and conscious mind, which is well known to play tricks on you, your reality can be subverted or change…so that empirical data might not be that unbiased. Only philosophers and shamans have really gone there, it seems.

With the magickal stuff, reminds me of the pagans I used to hang out with, set off my woo-meters quite a lot until I realised the ‘shifts’ and rituals and workings they were talking about weren’t physical but mental ones, states of consciousness. Hacking their brains, basically.

Those shifts are not as some would claim the province only of a priest, a coven, a shaman, a ritual, a gatekeeper. Writers, artists, filmmakers can create those worlds and those shifts too, in some senses more powerfully than books, candles, incense and chanting. In a world based increasingly on ideas and information, the word is indeed the law…but strange how that is misused into selling things, selling toxic ideologies…like Moore I agree that there isn’t some major conspiracy, the world is too chaotic, random and badly organised for that. The scary reality is that it’s mostly out of control…and the ‘steam’ is as much the evaporation of the atmosphere and destruction of the ecosystem as anything.

But like anything, you need to study it – that’s not something that happens overnight, which doesn’t mean necessarily something magickal or spiritual, more of a higher journey, and an internal search, a harder path. Something that helps the Universe rather than hinders it. Certainly the search for fame, money or self-gratification isn’t a higher purpose that will get you to a newer or better destination.

* mono-atheist to be specific; I don’t really have a problem with polytheism, and am very open to it; I agree with Alan Moore about the monochrome nature of a single godhead, that’s about patriarchy, control and the Divine Right of Kings…controlling people. Controlling their right to be their own shamans, priests or even gods.

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