Final Mashups #1 – Dark Dreams & Lost At The Beach

I decided to stop doing mashups back in August – probably for good this time, as in I took down all my old mashups and videos for my own mashups, but I felt sad for the tracks that almost made it, were nearly finished when I downed tools. There certainly won’t be any new mashups, though.

So here are a few that I’ve tarted up for release – these are more downbeat but finishing the DJNoNo – Ballroom EP that was partly dropped at Crumplstock live mix I did last month. Quite a few people wanted me to release those, so they will be in a nice shiny format very soon, as will some other more uptempo mashups spanning from 5-6 years ago, or more.

So here’s Dark Dreams, which is Fleetwood Mac – Dreams vs a track from Dark Night Of The Soul, which is Sparklehorse vs Dangermouse and David Lynch. It might not last long on Soundcloud being FM, so here’s a direct download.

Lost At The Beach cover

And Lost At The Beach, which happened fiddling around with Lost In The Supermarket by The Clash (one of my favourite songs…ever!) and realising that it didn’t work with Steely Dan but Beach House – Myth works just fine. Download here. Also on Soundcloud, but given SC has turned it’s back on the mashup and bedroom remixers that made it’s name, might not be there for long.

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