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I’ve heard a lot of crap about Jeremy Corbyn recently…he’s got an uphill struggle against the Murdoch press machine, as well as the spiteful Blairites who bailed on him (I have one phrase: ‘Bye Felicia!’ for Chuka U-Turn Umunna and Jamie ‘Who?’ Reid) and the mostly ambivalent Guardian (who interestingly is benefitting from gentrification as part of the King’s Cross redevelopment, and was happy as an investor to be only 13% affordable and social housing when Camden says 50% but then bleats about lack of affordable housing – and comes clean about involvement and Argent’s attempt to avoid their responsibility but 8 months later? :-/).

I suppose people will just believe what Torygraph and The Daily Fail will tell them, about him being friends with terrorists and as Uncle Dave says ‘national security risk’. It’s all very They Live, just repeat the OBEY phrase and people fall in line…also quite useful in sniffing out those shy Tories. I hope not though, since he’s a return to the politics of old, where what you wore was not more important than what you said, it wasn’t a reality show contest to the bottom of the polls and complete apathy. Watch his first speech at the refugee protest and you can hear someone who actually believes what he says – with peace, against austerity, against war and pro the poorest and the weakest.

That’s why Dave & co. are afraid and doing their best to stomp on this, because if as he’s already doing bringing in new members in large numbers, and building the rank and file, the grassroots lifeblood that Labour has been ignoring since 1997, then he is a danger – not to the country, leave that to Dave and his Eton chums – but to their survival as a political elite. Funny if they are all about security, why have they cut the NHS, benefits, army and the police force? Strange way to go about making people secure, cutting everything that might make them secure…unless as you probably know, it’s all words. I mean Dave lied about not paying that Europe bill, he sneakily just paid double £2.87 billion. Yup, he lied to get votes.

Also the hypocrisy of the likes of George Osborne and Dave Cameron having a go at someone for what they did in the 80’s – Dave being a cousin of the Queen part of a bunch of Eton haw-haws at the Bullingdon Club which had a particular level of nastiness, and of course Gideon with his infamous hooker and coke. Whereas Jeremy was out getting arrested protesting apartheid.

Also great to see Tom Watson and Diane Abbott in his shadow government, but Hillary Benn is a mistake, he’s not his father. Also surprised Yvette Cooper isn’t there, unless the rest she seemed fairly friendly with Corbyn, but she decided not to stand like quite a few others. But it’s a regime change, I bet he wants to make sure that it’s not stacked with Blairites.

But it says something of the current zeitgeist and insane rhetoric that I had to ask if this Daily Mail spoof from Private Eye was real. :-/ SECURITAY! SECURITAY! SECURITAY!

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