Oh look out BabyMetal, here’s LadyBaby which takes the J-Pop metal sound to a new level, with wrestler and Australian death metal singer Ladybeard, channelling something rather Aphex meets Grayson Perry in his performance, both evil and cute at the same time. Here’s their track ‘Nippon Manju’ with an album released soon. This is gonna be big! (via Steve SPR and others)

More about Ladybeard. FAN. SO MUCH. KAWAII!

He mentions how he got his clothes in an interview as “One night while sleeping, an angel visited me in my dreams. He was an elderly gentleman with a grey plaited beard, wearing serafuku. He bestowed upon me special serafuku that was blessed by the cross-dresser gods and would bring great joy to all who looked upon it.” – that’s a reference to someone I do know about and have seen online, Hideaki Kobayashi aka ‘GrowHair’ who is really cute, and an engineering professor by day (oh my teacher-dar present and correct).

He also appears in some of the Ladybeard pictures over at Naoko Tachibana‚Äč who apparently was instrumental in the rise of Ladybeard in Japan.

I’m sure someone will moan, but I think bearded blokes in dresses is the best thing ever, a kind of cross-dressing cosplay, and fun. And can be very sexy!

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