Venga Room

If you’re one of the three people that hasn’t seen Venga Room, the response to Boiler Room pulling the 90’s Boiler Room and a dig about Grimes infamous Venga Boys set, then you’re in for a treat! The idea is taking the most pretentious or po-faced Boiler Room sets and adding some Venga magic to them. Even been Venga approved!

Gems include Optimo looking really bored while playing 8-bit Venga tunes, Alec Empire doing speed gabba 8-bit Venga madness with a vocalist, Phuture with some Venga Acieeed, DJ Ez s-s-s-s-tuttering some V-v-venga, Trevor Jackson seriously dropping some Venga science, Venga dubstep with Jamie Jones, Thom Yorke’s legendary Venga x Radiohead mashup set

Loads more on the crazily popular Facebook page and the YouTube channel.

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