KLF United States of Audio mixumentary

Loving this ‘mixumentary’ about the KLF – going from Timelords to Extreme Noise Terror by United States of Audio aka Dave Trigg. (via Rob Manuel and Dave Green/Fakebit Polytechnic)

Different approach to my two KLF shows (which if anyone wondered if the KLF are forgotten, they are still my most popular shows) with a mix and soundclips introducing each song which must’ve took ages – finding all the rare tracks and some of the samples for mine was a labour of love!

He writes on the Soundcloud post “It is my tribute to the band that produced the first single I ever bought” – What Time Is Love wasn’t my first single, but the KLF were the first band I bought the 3 #1 singles on the first day of release. No wonder they were the biggest single band in the world in 1991!

And as discussion with Dave Green – anyone remember the original What Time Is Love video? I first saw KLF on the chart show – burning up at ^^23 or something – with a video of MC Bello rapping in a crop circle at night. It seems the later ‘Stadium House’ VHS video (which I own, one of my prize possessions) which was shot in 1991 hence the same models as Last Train To Trancentral. It seems to be the only WTIL video online bar this later TOTP-sampling effort?. I’d love to see that crop circle version again, not seen it since that short clip in 1990.

P.S. Just realised I released my first KLF show – 212 which is a very ‘KLF’ number – on December 2011 > 11 + 12 = 23. SPOOK!

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