Mahler’s Symphony for 12 Spectrums

In 1982 the ZX Spectrum BASIC Manual had a chapter on the BEEP command* and set this challenge:

Rewrite the Mahler program so that it uses FOR loops to repeat the bars.
Program the computer so that it plays not only the funeral march, but also the rest of Mahler’s first symphony.

Now 33 years later, someone has done exactly that, nearly an hour of music, premiering at the Geek Out! exhibition in Oxford last year (wish I’d have known about that, I would have gone!). It uses 12 Spectrums of various types, a Raspberry Pi and a new ethernet interface called Spectranet – yes people are still programming and creating hardware for the ZX Spectrum. Not bad for a three decade old platform! (via 8-Bit Lounge, Gizmodo)

(* That chapter along with the one about printing graphics I learnt BASIC on myself, slightly later most infamously programming 186 machines in BASIC to play America from West Side Story at random people across the network, it is the most beepy annoying pre-ringtone earworm EVER).

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