Ask A Polyamorous Person

I still haven’t really gotten used to it, but Buzzfeed seems to be getting more and more serious and good?

If you want a crash course on relationships, ask a poly person cos they’ve probably been there many times…So glad that here’s an excellent yet all too brief guide to Polyamory which I really wished I had when I was trying to work it out (but thankfully had some good advice via message lists from bi poly women that really helped!). And some of the answers are real LOL’s in that ‘been there’ way…especially the answer about sexual jealousy, or jealousy full stop. We all feel that, and with communication and some personal soul-searching (because it’s usually all about your insecurity, not them) it’s all good.

That said I kind of fell out of polyamory due to bad experiences – not in the poly itself, but I wished more people had watched videos like this about communication and sorting out their own shit (jealousy, possessiveness, not trying to change others) being key. In other words – I was poly, to put it brutally my ‘secondary’ boyfriends weren’t (although my primary is still fine with it and we’re still open and it made our relationship stronger, I’ve just called a halt on looking for other LTRs for the moment 😉 To be honest, he’s a hard act to follow, and yeah I like other people and don’t compare, those few who had the offer recently said no anyway so I decided to leave it for a bit…if it happens, it happens.)

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