Goodbye Radio Clash Live, Hello Classic Bootleg Radio

After over 2 years of live-ish broadcasting (it first went live early March 2013), with the podcast ended I decided to call a halt on Radio Clash Live! as explained further over here. It didn’t seem to garner the live-streaming revolution I hoped…or the audience, although the live facility remains.

But not all is lost – as some doors close others open, namely two related projects:

Firstly RCL is now CBR – Classic Bootleg Radio, a 24 hour 7 days a week retro classic mashup station – from bastard pop to bootlegs and mashups, if it’s before 2007 and it’s mashup in nature, it’s there. Listen and learn some history with over 5,000 mashups (!) and counting, and as a bonus no waffling from me! 😉

And this is related to The Bootleg Archive, where the mashups are stored…that’s where you all come in. If you have mashups, bootlegs, bastard pop from before 2007 and it’s missing from the archive then ask to join the group and take part. The idea is to save mashup history before it all disappears, and promote it via the radio station.

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