Selected Aphex Works

I recently posted here about the tracks posted on Soundcloud by Aphex Twin, or AFx as he goes on there (which is more snappy than user48736353001!). Nice to get verification, both from U-ziq and now DJ Food that the tracks turning up seem genuine and match old tapes – but as I said before it’s obviously him, no-one would have that breadth and range, that would be hoax of the century.

So DJ Food has compiled a mix of his favourite 31 tunes called Selected Aphex Works of his faves with interviews with Mixing It which I used to listen to (as unfashionable as Radio 3 was then, it was one of the few places to hear IDM and experimental electronica in the 90’s) and John Peel’s Sound of the Suburbs. Good listening.

Also interesting his list of his top 10 faves – I agree with many Red Calx / Red Calx [slo], Heliospan live, Fork Rave, Utopia, all good – but he must have been out of the room when Sekonda was on – and Early Morning Clissold* too (which sounds so spookily like Global Communication’s 14 31 it’s not true, then again him and Tom Middleton worked together early on).

* Named because he lived on Clissold Crescent in the early-mid 90’s

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