Ooh Uptown Funk NPG is gonna get you…

The list of how many songs ripped off by Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk gets higher and higher. Latest is Jungle Love by the Time, I wonder if Prince/NPG/The Time will go all Tom Petty on their arse?

I called this one, Mezzoforte – Garden Party which was released in 1982, pedant fans:

But others called the Really Wild Show theme, which is suspiciously like Garden Party:

…which is actually legit remake of this, Tony Sherman – ELLOVEE-EE:

Nice to see someone has mashed the RWS theme with Uptown funk, well not really, cos no parts, but the video is funny:

Ooh new one just in – Living In America by James Brown. Which songs does Uptown Funk NOT rip off?

In other news related to NPG, one of my old VJ videos – Saarbroken Part 1 got pulled from Vimeo – my first copyright strike there by NPG Productions. Oddly it seems NPG is claiming Kiss by Art of Noise with Tom Jones? (that Art of Noise vs Lipps Inc mashup was on there). Very strange. Working out if it’s worth contesting the DMCA because it’s tenuous at best. And mashups are legal here now, pretty much under the new orphan copyright extension which includes commercial parody, but definitely includes non-commercial collage…and of course there’s the old Fair Use in America.

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