This pain is like a glacier moving through you

I make no secret of my love of John Grant, seeing him perform Glacier last year was probably the best moment in a gig, his voice blew right through me and lifted me up. I seem to be hearing a lot of him lately, what with the excellent documentary on Iceland that’s just aired, the symphonic gigs in November (really, really wish I’d gone now) and most recently Mary Anne Hobbs repeating her Three Minute Epiphany today with John saying it goes out to those who have difficulty with this time of year. It’s from October with John Grant on ‘How To Beat Your Demons’ – a wise man indeed, and a must listen, she then played Glacier, which I admit I sang along at the top of my voice.

I’d never seen the video, not sure if it’s official (doubtful due to a few of the clips) but I think it’s hard to express what the song and others that John Grant has, but this video goes pretty close. It’s basically a gay rights primer – a little US-centric, but it’s OK, I felt like crying anyway… 😉 But if you’re interested in LGBTQ rights or history, watch the video, it’s like LGBTQ Rights 101.

Like with the hip hop post, here’s another culture that I feel strongly about, and am part of – but I’m glad that most of the time LGBTQ are pretty open about accepting all-comers and don’t usually fret about appropriation unless it’s mocking them, or others claim they invented it. If we did, most metrosexuals and hipsters would be toast (yeah from baseball caps, beards, plaid, low slung trousers and vests, all be stolen at some point when the straight men want to get laid and seem less blokey, or want to be different..! Even ‘throwing shade’, ‘sashay’ and such like have entered the lexicon now…mostly thanks to the regal and legendary RuPaul).

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