Darude Sandstorm!

The answer to every unknown song in the universe = Darude Sandstorm.

But what happens when the memes combine? Should those streams be crossed? Meme mashup time!

An explanation of Darude Sandstorm, glad I wasn’t the only one confused by that…these fulltime YouTubers had no clue either. I was wondering what all those comments were about – then again I’m also glad that ‘I am 12 and what is this?’ and ‘FIRST!’ ‘MJ Popcorn’ and ‘I came here because of X’ have pretty much died a death, but also know from those that the answer to ‘why?!’ is: just more inane internet shit.

And this meme will meet it’s maker someday too…because the Darude song has always been shit and the video is worse…I’m sure the video I saw back in the day was him driving a ferrari*. I like this version though, shit + shit = actually quite good…there are some terrible versions out there, though.

(*Checking, that must have been the almost identical follow-up ‘Feel The Beat’. As you were.)

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