Sex education – and foreskins

I was reading this excellent TIME article on sex education – which by the way I am all for – more than all for, I think 11-12 year olds should get mandatory sex education, relevant to this generation and all those millions of sexual messages that acts like Miley and Rihanna send out. And also it’s probably one of the first times probably that us LGBTQ would be mentioned in school, so earlier would really impact bullying and the gay teens sense of wellbeing and self if the school includes good LGBTQ positive information saying that it’s normal.

But as the article says there is so much kickback from parents, who cant’ understand that their precious is probably already having sex, sending sexts, drinking, trying drugs, and doing all sorts of things they thing they shouldn’t. In the UK there is a teen pregnancy boom – not as bad as the US, but early information would help stop that, as would helping boys not to see women as sex objects and helping through all those hormones, and reducing the problem of sexual violence before it begins.

The article mentions Laci Green, a great resource and I think I’ve seen her videos before but the one about about foreskins BLEW me away – not only coming out and saying ‘they’re great’ (yay!) but also pointing out how strange that in America, in 2014 people still get their babies circumcised without any form of consent? It’s bad enough ANYWHERE, but you’d expect more sense in the ol’ U.S. of A. Nope, although numbers are going down, and it’s mostly not religious there still is a hardcore baby-violating lobby. And it seems to really change sensations (in my humble non-cut experience comparing them, and how cut men interact with me) – I do wonder if that is the point, like with Female Genital Mutilation, to make sex less good? Not saying you can’t have great sex with ‘cut’ guys, I have as someone who isn’t – but comparatively it does seem they are a lot less sensitive in those areas…

And if it’s for a religious reason I’d say leave it for them to do it later when they are a man, and can decide? Probably a lot less traumatic, too 🙁

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