Guardian Microplays

Love the two Guardian Microplays (very short 5 minute plays with the Royal Court) so far – the second on the mixtape – Groove Is In The Heart is a subject very close to my heart. It features Ride, New Order and Neneh Cherry but also points out the sort of time travel we all regularly take part in with recorded media. Those memories as I’ve found with going through the old Radio Clash podcasts onto Mixcloud, aren’t always good ones, nor totally welcome. As I said on the 35th episode of Radio Clash, the one I intentionally avoided for nearly a decade due to the raw subject matter of the London Bombing – you should run away screaming from history, making history is usually messy and Not Good. As sometimes are these memories, they can be as much millstones as they can be cushions.

Sadly I can’t embed these, which I think is a bit of a fail for the Guardian – then again they think in terms of advertising so I bet it’s intentional – but the other play so far is a hard-hitting one about food poverty ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ which includes the very talented Katherine Parkinson, and was created with Jack Monroe, one of my favourite bloggers. Love the dual-stage element to this, and dual role.

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