Another London small venue under threat

But this time, maybe you can do something about it!

The Buffalo Bar, where Crimes Against Pop used to be and I spent many a good hour, and me and Kirk even DJ’ed there once, is probably closing due to a chain pub (yes another frigging chain pub, that’s what we REALLY need in London, another chain pub!) buying the bar above. They don’t want the separate bar underneath to continue, and probably want to store chairs or broken crates down there.

I’ll save most of the rant for another time, but let’s just say since the time of the Asylum, Push et al over a decade ago the face of London has changed – what used to be mazes of small infamous venues is now increasingly gentrified blandishment of gastropubs, pubs and venues closed due to new residential building or redevelopment (Ministry of Sound, Matter, Ghetto, Astoria, Sin) and a lack of protection from the Mayor and local councils who blindly do not see how much these venues that start way after their bedtime add to the local economy.

The big bands of tomorrow have to start somewhere, as do the big clubs – but it’s getting rarer and rarer to find venues that are small than 300 people, the 50-100-200 people places have been squeezed out by developers, rent and redevelopment. And the kids of those who move here, as well as the hipsters and bankers won’t be happy when their late night drinking spots go and it’s all Yates, Wetherspoons and the like closing early. Might make the local constabule happy, but this isn’t a thriving City nightlife without these places…and they might come back as London becomes less ‘cool’ as a result in the lifecycle of gentrification, but that will be in 10-20 years, and some places will go for good. It’s easier to fight for the venues now, than try and rebuild them in future.

So you CAN do something about the Buffalo Bar – there is a petition calling on Stonegate (Slug & Lettuce, Yates and such delights) to allow the Bar to continue. Please sign it if you care about London nightlife or the Buffalo Bar.

(Pic of Ian, Naomi & Me at Crimes Against Pop circa 2008, taken by Simon Payroll)

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