Cardboard Stories and MRA types

You know I was 50/50 about posting this, then I read the comments from rich, white, educated entitled fedora types saying ‘I was homeless once! What are you complaining about!’ and it made me mad, and definitely needed to post this. It’s like the ‘OMG Homeless People / Those On Benefits Have A Phone/Car/Big TV’ bullshit you see in quite a lot of places, and a lot of blame about drugs. Grow some fucking empathy, and I struggle not to do the #patronising ‘ahh bless, hipster Tarquin child knows all!’ act as someone older, and has learnt something about the screwed and unfair nature of this world. Funny how these people sound EXACTLY like the scary/childish Men’s Rights types that infect any feminist/queer video. Hmm. The Age of Entitlement Is Still Upon Thee!

This Cracked article from someone who was privileged and had a job but suddenly found himself sleeping in his car and eating from a camping stove…the one about drugs is telling, and sounds closer to the fact. People do drugs because they are bored, scared and/or self-medicating – to Daily Fail it and assume causation there without asking, well it’s as stupid as the people in the comments saying they had ‘loads of sources’ about how ‘all’ homeless are addicts, then completely failing to provide them when challenged. Or the #hashtag #hipster types that challenged a guy with the classic ‘well what did you do then?’ and it turns out he has 30+ years of working with the homeless. BOOM! What about you, fedora boy?

Oh funny thing here – MRA types see ‘fedora’ and all that as another example of misandry and how their poor white, educated, young, abled, middle class and male arses are being discriminated against, and it’s to them EXACTLY the same as being discriminated against if you are female, poor, queer or black. I hope you drown in your male tears, entitled silly boy.

Forever Bathing In Your Male Tears

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