Celebrities in a previous life


Recognise anyone from this clip? No don’t look at the top…any idea? Yes Rus Le Roq from Roman Antix is Russell Crowe, doing a Ted Bovis/Sam Smith rockabilly thing…hey in time for the revival!

Also, who could this be?

Hmm…someone called Mark Vincent in a breakdancing exercise video. Look familiar? That’s Vin Diesel.

Both of these from Cracked, yeah not proud but rather interesting listicle about stuff that famous people probably don’t want you to know…the one about Peter Yarrow I think I dimly knew, but the one about Uncle Fester being part of a lynch mob is a surprise. Oh the #1 – Nazi pope likes Nazi drink? What a surprise. Bet he drives a VW beetle too.

EDIT: Probably the only post ever where Peter Yarrow, B-boying and Nazism are the suggested tags.

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