From the weirder part of the internet comes this video from TomSka. It makes slightly more sense if you watch the other videos where Mrs Johnson the hyper intelligent horse from another dimension makes an appearance…but only slightly. The rest are really good, the cartoons and the live action bits, amazingly high quality you can achieve nowadays. It’s also reminding me how sad the internet wasn’t around when I was a teenager or early 20’s, a lot of the stuff our gang got upto had no audience, and was lost to the ether, usually with us despairing that ‘no-one’ would ever hear or see it…from mixtapes for friends only, to videos and songs.

Then again, might be very embarrassing to have them out there for good now! Certainly I don’t post most of that early stuff for good reason, but with an audience it might have developed into something bigger and better, like TomSka and friends. It’s good to see people having that access to an audience without gatekeepers anyway.

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