Shirley Collins and the Poor Murdered Woman

I love the fact that Alan Moore has made a video on the importance of Shirley Collins and the Kickstarter to make a film about her. I dug through my collection and the sole track I had on my computer was ‘Poor Murdered Woman’, but 5-star rated and a track I love.

The story of the woman leads to a murder on Leatherhead Common, and a local songwriter via Milford (near where I grew up), and eventually how Shirley Collins covered the song originally written in 1834. And eventually this piece for Folk Radio UK, which is well worth listening to.

Something about this song, and her version just haunts me. I think even though she says it’s like news reportage, just the facts, her love and care for this forgotten woman bleeds through. In a funny yet good way this poor murdered woman will be never forgotten because of this song.

Relatio Clash

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