Who is Friedrich Liechtenstein?

It’s not a rhetorical question, stumbling Narnia-style through a door of German House producer Solomun, I see a dancing white bearded man, something a bit like that Fatboy Slim video for Bird of Prey, but with more panache, more style, more, well perve. Problem is my rusty German doesn’t totally translate this perfomance – a joke?

It seems to have lead to a spoken word house track by Der Tourist. I sense some real avant garde creeping in here, something like a 58 year old Tiga meets a sort of bearded house version of Louie Austen and The Most Interesting Man In The World. Supergeil!

What I have worked out is this self-styled flaneur is actually a character from Hans-Holger Friedrich, former puppeteer, classically trained actor and artistic director of Berlin’s Hansa theatre (it says here, well it says even more en Deutsche but that’s beyond me – Google translate time!)

It even ended up in a commercial. I’m only posting this because furry bath shot negates all capitalist concerns about advertising on this blog. Well maybe not, but shush…

Oh it turns out in further investigation he has an album out in a few days (the 25th), ‘Bad Gastein’. Covers of ‘Close to You’ and ‘We Have All The Time In The World’? (if those turn out to be what they are, I can only see tracknames)…gimme!

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